Financial Timesがスティーブ・ジョブズを今年の人に選出

英フィナンシャル・タイムズがアップルCEOスティーブ・ジョブズを “FT Person of the Year” に選出し、Silicon Valley visionary who put Apple on topという特集記事を組んでいます。

When Steve Jobs walked on to the stage at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center in January, it capped the most remarkable comeback in modern business history.(1月、スティーブ・ジョブズがサンフランシスコのYerba Buena Centerのステージに登場したが、これにより近年のビジネスの歴史上最も特筆すべきカムバックの総仕上げが行われた。)

記事の冒頭、ジョブズがアップルに復帰してからの期間の「総仕上げ」として、今年1月のiPad発表時の瞬間をハイライトしています。「ジョブズ氏自身の基準を以てしても、今年1月のイベント前の期待感は、尋常ではないレベルまで高められていた」として、iPad(もちろん当時は名前はわからず “The Tablet” などと言われていましたが)への期待感が非常に高かったこと、そして、その期待感は裏切られなかったことを読者に思い出させてくれます。


A rebuttal of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s much-quoted aphorism that there are no second acts in American life does not come more decisively than this. When Steven Paul Jobs first hit the headlines, he was younger even than Mark Zuckerberg is now. Long before it was cool to be a nerd, his formative role in popularising the personal computer, and Apple’s initial public offering on Wall Street – which came when Mr Jobs was still only 25 – made him the tech industry’s first rock star.



“Steve’s the last of the great builders,” says Roger McNamee, a Silicon Valley financier who led a recent, failed attempt to rebuild Palm in Apple’s image. “What makes him different is that he’s creating jobs and economic activity out of thin air while just about every other CEO in America is working out ways to cut costs and lay people off.”



The iPad is the culmination of an approach that he has seemingly been perfecting for his entire career. Those who have laboured under him describe him as a stern taskmaster who understands the art of the possible, rather than a long-range visionary. That means pushing relentlessly forward rather than milking old successes – even ones as significant as the iPod.



“Other companies might try to stretch out the life of [the iPod], but they were willing to say, ‘No there’s better technology,’ ” says Carl Bass, chief executive of Autodesk, a design software company that has developed apps for the iPad. “I don’t often think about CEOs being brave and courageous, but Steve is.”



In his autobiography, John Sculley, the former PepsiCo executive who once ran Apple, said this of the ambitions of the man he had pushed out: “Apple was supposed to become a wonderful consumer products company. This was a lunatic plan. High-tech could not be designed and sold as a consumer product.” How wrong can you be.

ジョン・スカリーは自伝で次のように言う。「アップルは、素晴らしいコンシューマ向け製品をつくる会社になろうとしていた。ばかげた計画だった。『ハイテク』がコンシューマ向け製品としてデザインされ売られるなんて、無理なことだったんだ。」 人は、間違いをおかすものである。


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